Scientific Editing Service


At Erasmus Scientific Editing, we see language in exactly the same way that you see math: as a precise tool useful (when used correctly) for conveying exact information that anybody reading in the same language will understand in the same way. According to these principles, which inspired the great Medieval educator Desiderius Erasmus, the things we write and say either make sense or do not, and we can discern their truth or falsehood based on the relationships between the claims we are making. Firmly rooted in these rules of logic and grammar, we do language math. Emphasizing correct usage and style in quantitative writing to convey ideas with absolute clarity, we provide scientific copy editing, line editing, proofreading, and formatting services at affordable rates. Each of our scientific editing services returns a meticulous final draft––in either Word or LaTeX format––ready for publication.science_10036898-032114