About Linden House Editing

Linden House Editing began in 2002 in a San Jose, California apartment as a small Internet-based editing company focused on meeting the needs of student writers, especially in the quickly-expanding international student market. Though faced with concerns that a student-centered company like ours might be confused with a paper mill, especially among our colleagues in English Departments, we plowed on as Editors For Students, adjusted our prices to exclude most composition undergraduates, and soon became the go-to editing source not just for our intended audience of student writers but for government employees, tenured researchers, business owners, organizational leaders, and self-publishing authors. As word of mouth about our service spread and our editorial focus expanded with the size of our customer base, we re-customized our services and re-organized our editing pool, becoming the four editing services––Off the Grid Editing, Editors For Students, Erasmus Scientific Editing, and Perry Legal Editing––collectively offered here as the Linden House Editing Suite.


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