Almost ready to publish? Off the Grid Editing can take you there.

Your manuscript is waiting for someone familiar with the path to publication, someone who has taken the road before and knows what to expect ahead, how to avoid pitfalls, and how to cross (and build) bridges without slipping. Let us take your writing home this week with $1.50/pg. off any of our editing services. Use the discount code OFFTHEGRID at the cart.

The (Linden House Editing) Suite is on.

The Suite is on, offering legal, academic, general, and scientific editing through our individualized web services for lawyers, academic, organizational leaders, and government agencies. Have a look at the LH Editing Suite today and let us know if there’s anything we can help you with. You already have it written . . . let’s clean it up

It’s the time of year for academic editing (discounts).

Fall 2017 is underway, and now is a great time to get a strong start on academic writing for your classes. To help you get your semester started off with error-free, eminently readable prose and the great grades that come with it, this week (until October 15th), we’re offering $1.50 per page off any of our essay editing services at Editors For Students. Just use the discount code FALL2017 at the order page here, upload your draft, and let us take care of the rest. Editors For Students: Your final draft is here (since 2002).

Introducing Business Express Editing

At Linden House Editing Services, we strive to reach the broadest audience possible with affordable, precise, and (when necessary) fast editing services. That’s why we’re introducing you to our new Business Express Editing Service, hosted by Off the Grid Editing. It’s a service designed for reports, memos, briefs, and anything you can send our way. Why wait? Order 12 and 24 hour express editing services today.